CSU Students Enjoy Thanksgiving Away from Home

The holidays can be a lonely time for college students who can’t travel home during their school vacations. That is why – for the fourth year in a row - Sarah Secoy, Columbus State University Director of Residence Life, plans to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for students.

“A few years ago, I noticed that a lot of students and their cars were still on campus,” said Secoy. “We decided to do something to make them feel welcome. It gives them a sense of family on campus.”

Secoy’s Thanksgiving meal is a complete feast with turkey, ham and all the traditional sides like mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and stuffing. Secoy prepares most of the food herself, with just a few items ordered out from a local restaurant.

In the past about 15 to 20 students have attended, but this year Secoy says that as many as 44 could come. Invitations are sent to all students who live on campus, as well as the Center for Global Engagement and the athletics department to include those who may not live on campus. Some students cannot go home because it is too far away, while others play sports that have games over the break. Secoy’s husband and children also enjoy the meal, and Dr. Gina Sheeks, CSU Vice President for Student Affairs, has attended the event.

“The response has been very warm and welcoming. They appreciate the time it took and spending Thanksgiving with people in similar situations,” said Secoy.