CSU Students Organizing Instrument “Petting Zoo” for Children With Autism

InstrumentCOLUMBUS, Ga. --- As part of Autism Awareness Month, a group of Columbus State University students is organizing a “Sensory-Friendly Musical Instrument Petting Zoo” for children with autism and their families.

Featuring an array of band and orchestra instruments, the free event will take place Saturday, April 18 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in room 1716 of the Saunders Center for Music Studies, home to CSU’s Schwob School of Music in the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts.

Many people with autism are sensitive to loud noises and crowded places, sometimes making it impossible for them or their families to enjoy everyday activities such as going to movies or concerts. This “sensory-friendly” event is a way for the children to see how the instruments work and feel, and allow them to play at a volume that is comfortable for them.

The event is being organized by the “Spectrum Music Group,” five members of a CSU Group Communications class; members of National Association for Music Educators – collegiate (C-NAfME); and Schwob Music Preparatory Division.

The students hope to see a rise in community involvement as it comes to the area of children with autism. The Spectrum Music Group partnered with CSU’s Schwob Music Preparatory Division for the class project. The students hope the Instrument Petting Zoo will be repeated as a Group Communications class project in years to come.

For more information about this event, call CSU’s Schwob Music Prep offices at 706-641-5124.