CSU to Debut ‘Activ8’ Summer Camp Program

COLUMBUS, Ga. - CSU Continuing Education has revamped its core of summer camp offerings to give ages 5-14 a widened variety of classes with flexible scheduling options.

The new format, named “Activ8,” is designed as a “blend of stress-free enrichment and sports camps that offer hands-on learning, as well as convenience for parents,” said Continuing Education Marketing Manager Kristin Barker.

Activ8 is featured in Continuing Education's newly released summer catalog, which is now available by calling 706-507-8070 or visiting http://conted.colstate.edu.

From June 2-Aug. 1 (omitting the week of July 4), most of the classes will run 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m. Monday through Friday and accommodate a new schedule every week. “Kids can pick from 10 or more classes each morning and afternoon to build a schedule they will be excited about all summer,” Barker said. “This is the most comprehensive camp program that Continuing Education has offered to date.”

The nucleus of Activ8 offerings is broken down for ages 8-11 and 11-14 in a variety of categories:

• 3 R’s makes reading, writing, and arithmetic fun through offerings that include as Brain Training, Journal Writing and Problem Solving Investigators.

• Create-a-lot provides arts and crafts options through classes such as Candle Making, Anime and Multi-Cultural Arts.

• Global will involve exploration of ancient societies such as Egypt and Rome (Ancient World); historical elections and court trials (Politics and Law) and the evolution of military strategies (“Wars of the World”); Spanish language and culture (Spanish Stars); espionage (World of Spies); music (World Beats) and geography (Where am I).

• iTech will build computer skills through classes covering game design, digital art, Web site design and more.

• 'Scienceologies' stresses hands-on learning through experiments and other fun projects ranging from nature (Arctic Survival”) and human anatomy (Bones and Blood) to engineering (Monster Machines) and meteorology (Weather Forecast).

• 'Showbiz' will explore performance art on stage or on the screen in classes such as Act it Out, Behind the Scenes, Game Show, Mime Theater and Movie Critic. The program will culminate with a major performance by participants at the end of the summer called Studio A8.

• 'Sports and Dance' will feature classes Ballet and Theatrical Dance and Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop, plus Multi Sports, which involves flag football, dodgeball, soccer, ultimate frisbee and more.

• 'Trendy' will feature “whatever’s popular today” through classes ranging from Card Sharks and Fashion Designer to Jump on Board (board games) and Lord of the Rings (a study-discussion of the film trilogy).

• 'Ur Life' focuses on life skills in classes ranging from “Career Exploration” and “Family Pets” “to Pre-Driver’s Ed, “Real World” and more.

Separately, Activ8’s program for ages 5-7 will explore world cultures through various arts and crafts projects and science experiments in classes themed according to different global regions.

Between the morning and afternoon classes, all Activ8 campers can eat lunches brought from home or purchase a meal during a supervised lunch hour in the Davidson Student Center cafeteria.

Another new feature, for a small, added fee, is “before care” and “after care” services. Parents can drop off campers anytime after 7 a.m. and pick them up any time until 6 p.m.

Separate from Activ8, CSU’s Coca-Cola Space Science Center and the Athletics Department both will offer their traditional set of camps, and the Columbus Ballet Conservatory will present several new camps at the Rankin Arts Center in downtown Columbus.

These offerings also are detailed in the summer 2008 catalog.

More information also can be obtained at http://www.Activ8er.com.