CSU to Offer a Taste of Study Abroad Experiences, Here At Home

Columbus State University students next fall will have a unique opportunity to experience international cultural and educational experiences through a new student-housing program that pairs international students with local students.

In this diverse living setting, the program will pair eight American and eight international students together for a cultural learning experience. 'In the Global Village,' said CIE director Neal McCrillis, 'American students will learn about other cultures around the world and international students will benefit from the setting by learning about their host country while developing a network of American friends.'

Furthermore, students will learn about each other's culture through everyday situations such as eating, watching television or even studying together, said McCrillis. With this type of 'study abroad' experience on campus, students will encounter varied international topics and ways of life without leaving CSU soil.

Modeled after a Georgia College and State University program, the Global Village, outside of the living experience, will also promote cultural understanding through special informal programs designed to bring the students together and to celebrate a student's region or country by making food, playing music, and sharing unique items from their cultures, said McCrillis.

To be considered for the program, students must be classified as a sophomore and submit one page essays expressing how the Global Village will benefit them personally, academically, and professionally. Students whose essays are selected will be interviewed by a reviewing committee of CSU faculty during late April.

'Freshmen are discouraged from applying to the program', said McCrillis, as 'they are in a transitional period as well as it is their first time away from home and first year in college.'

With this unique type of living environment, CSU has more than just a basic student housing experience for all the students involved. 'Students have more of an opportunity to know someone from another country on a personal basis and understand how they are shaped by their culture,' said McCrillis.


For more information, contact Contact: Neal McCrillis at (706) 565-4036 or by e-mail at mccrillis_neal@ColumbusState.edu