CSU Tower Day Celebrates Undergraduate Research, Creative Endeavors

Columbus State University’s Tower Day was held on April 12. More than 200 presenters displayed their work as part of the symposium.

“Tower Day was truly a celebration of research and creative endeavors. I congratulate all who participated,” said Hannah Israel, associate professor and gallery director at CSU. “I would like to thank all the judges, volunteers, students, staff, and faculty who assisted in making Tower Day possible. I also would like to thank faculty for taking the extra time and interest in mentoring your students. A student-centered environment is an excellent academic formula.”

The following Tower Day awards recognized students and mentors for their work:

QEP We Solve It Scholarship Winner for Poster Exhibition
Not one more
Presenter: Peter Keres
Professor: Dr. Lydia Ray

Highest Award for Tower Day Presentation
Computer Science
A Bluetooth LE Security Investigation
Lead Presenter: Gabriel Bello
Mentor: Dr. Yesem Kurt Peker

Award of Excellence for the Tower Day Presentation
The Distribution and Host Preference of Cassytha liformis (Love Vine) of Andros Island, Bahamas
Lead Presenter: Abby Grace Moore
Co-Presenters: Ashley Murphy, Jaleesa DeJesus
and Jack Hovey
Mentor: Dr. Julie Ballenger and Dr. Daniel Holt

Award for Best Oral Presentation
Three-Dimensionally Printed Models for Blind and Visually Impaired Chemistry Students
Lead Presenter: Candice Tate
Mentors: Dr. Rajeev Dabke and Dr. Cindy Ticknor

Highest Award for Poster Presentation
Mechanism of Triazolium Salts on Breast Cancer Cells
Lead Presenter: Jared Bies
Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Meyers Chemistry

Award of Excellence for the Tower Day Poster Presentation
Comparison of age and growth biology of 34 million year old sting- rays from North Dakota to the extant Dasyatis
Lead Presenter: Persia Tillman
Mentor: Dr. Michael Newbrey Biology

Award for Best Poster Presentation
An Archaeological Approach to the Abercrombie Mound Re- mains (1RU61), Russel County, Alabama
Lead Presenter: Chance Seckinger
Co-Presenters: Emma Mccabe, Gabriel Hart, Michaela Mallett, Sabrina Rodgers and Valerie Parker
Mentor: Professor Danielle Neale
Earth & Space Science