CSU Unveils Web Site Specifically For Parents

COLUMBUS - Parents of todays college students are so involved in their childs education, officials nationwide have coined a new descriptor for this group: helicopter parents, because they are always hovering around.

The nickname signals the extent to which parents now participate in every aspect of their students college careers, from picking a university to choosing a major and even the scheduling of classes.

Columbus State University is embracing parental involvement with a new Web site designed to educate and inform. Now accessible by clicking on Parents & Family from the CSU home page at www.colstate.edu, the Web site includes advice on how to help choose which university best fits the student, how to apply for college and what parents can do to help their children succeed in school and after graduation.

'When it comes to making decisions about college, research shows that parents are the most influential people in a child's life, said Kathy Carlisle, executive director of CSUs Enrollment Services office.

However, knowing what to say and how to impress a teenager can be a daunting task. The CSU parent site is designed to provide information so parents can effectively talk to their child about how to apply for college and how to be successful once they enroll. Parents will find up-to-date information on financial aid, visitation programs, choosing a major and links to valuable resources.

An online survey of more than 900 parents last year by College Parents of America revealed that parents are in consistent contact with their college children. The survey also showed that parents are quick to take advantage of programs that colleges and universities design to improve parental involvement.

Parents of todays college students have come to be called helicopter parents because of the perception that you hover, hover and hover some more over the lives of your children, choosing to land whenever and wherever you want. Though many can disagree about the desirability of parents taking such an active role, our survey demonstrates that no one can argue with the reality of such behavior, said the surveys report to parents. College Parents of America bills itself as the only national membership association dedicated to advocating and to serving on behalf of current and future college parents.


For more information, contact Dr. Kathy Carlisle at 706-507-8801.