CSU’s Illges Gallery presents Double Blind, a Canary Project exhibition

Columbus State University's Department of Art presents Double Blind, an exhibition of the Canary Project, a collaborative organization founded by artists Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris and dedicated to deepening public understanding of climate change and energizing commitment to solutions. Sayler and Morris are the spring 2010 visiting artists in residence for CSU’s Department of Art.

In January 2006, Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris founded the Canary Project. Four years later, they find that little has changed -- roughly the same numbers of people believe that climate change is real and likely caused by man and no concrete action has been taken to mitigate emissions or adapt to potentially devastating changes already underway.  This exhibit finds The Canary Project founders in a reflective mode, examining themes of certainty, rationality, faith and agency within the prospect of catastrophe.

All works in the exhibit are by Sayler and Morris, a departure from other Canary Project exhibits that involve works by multiple artists. The photographs in the gallery are available for viewing by special request. If you wish to receive a tour of the photographs by the artists, please leave your name and contact information with the gallery attendant. The artists will be in touch to schedule a time.