Department Earth and Space Sciences Receives Mini-Grants.

CSU professor of physics, Dr. Kim Shaw received a STEM Mini-Grant for $2,850 for her proposal, “Math Intervention Development to Promote Student Success in Physics Courses.”Dr. Shaw will work with a student assistant to develop a set of topic specific online tutorials for math concepts that physics students often find challenging. The goal of the project is to develop a free suite of materials that can be deployed in Cougarview/D2L to aid students in developing this important skill set and maximize student learning in CSU physics courses.

Four students from the department of earth and space sciences also recently received mini grants. They were awarded $225 from the Office of the Provost to help defray costs associated with their graduate/undergraduate research projects:

  • Austin Caughey (MS Natural Sciences - Geosciences track) for "Sequence Stratigraphy of Middle-Mississippian Carbonates of the Southern Appalachians: Tuscumbia Limestone and Fort Payne Chert"

  • Chance Seckinger (BS ESS - Geology track) for "Porosity and Permeability of Miocene (Puerto Rico), Pennsylvanian (Kansas), and Mississippian (Alabama) Carbonate Rocks"

  • Coral Torres (MS Natural Sciences - Geosciences track) for "Constraining The Coastal Plain Unconformity West Of The Lower Chattahoochee River Valley"

  • Jasmine Truitt (MS Natural Sciences - Geosciences track) for "Paleoclimate Studies on a Fall Line Cretaceous Paleosol"