Dr. Amanda Rees Receives Stand Alone Geographic Educator Award

Dr. Amanda Rees, CSU professor of geography has been awarded the 2018 Helen Ruth Aspaas SAGE Innovator Award. Named for one of the founding members of the Stand Alone Geographers Specialty Group (SAGE), the award recognizes outstanding and innovative stand alone geographic educators.

Rees joined CSU in 2005 as a lone geographer. Over the last 13 years she has established a geography minor and established the Columbus Community Geography Center that partners geography classes and community organizations to raise awareness about important community problems and resources, inform community and neighborhood planning processes, support community organizing, and empower communities to make positive change.

In 2014, Rees edited the e-book Thriving as a Stand-Alone Geographer: A Handbook in conjunction with the Association of American Geographers.  SAGE is part of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). Founded in 1904, the AAG is an international professional geography organization with over 10,000 members in 100 nations.