Dr. Schwimmer to be Published in PALAIOS.

Dr. David Schwimmer, CSU professor of geology in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, recently had a publication accepted in the journal PALAIOS.

The article, titled "A Cambrian meraspid cluster: evidence of trilobite egg deposition in a nest site," describes a 500-million year old fossil site in Northwest Georgia. The article is based on findings from a single rock slab with over 150 baby trilobites (termed meraspids) clustered together on top of a discarded trilobite exoskeleton. It is co-authored with Bill Montante, a field collaborator in the region who uncovered the specimen. Images of the trilobite cluster were taken using CSU's scanning electron microscope with assistance from Elizabeth Klar.

PALAIOS is a flagship international journal focused on fossils and ancient environments, and typically highlights unique discoveries about past life. This will be Dr. Schwimmer's fifth article in PALAIOS.

For more information, visit https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/palaios.