Earth and Space Science Faculty, Students Present at Conference in Knoxville

Faculty and students from the Department of Earth and Space Sciences recently presented the results of a number of ongoing research projects at the Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Section of the Geological Society of America in Knoxville, TN.

Geosciences graduate student Austin Caughey presented the results of his thesis research with Dr. Diana Ortega-Ariza, "Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Middle-Mississippian Carbonates of the Southern Appalachians, Tuscumbia, AL."

Dr. David Schwimmer presented the result of his research with coauthor William Montante, "Horseshoe Crabs as Mondern Analogs of Trilobites: Contrary Evidence from a Meraspid Cluster in the Upper Cambrian Conasauga Formation, Western Georgia."

Dr. Clint Barineau presented the results of his research with CSU alumni David Gilbert and Joel Roop-Eckart, along with Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, student Sarang Agrawal, "Regional Strain in the Eastern Blue Ridge of Alabama: Implications for Interpretation of the Alexander City Fault".

Dr. Clint Barineau presented the results of his research with colleagues at the U.S. Geological Survey and Florida State University, "Not Your Father's Taconic Orogeny: Significance of an Iapetus-Facing, Laurentian Plate Ordovician Arc-Backarc System in the Southern Appalachians."

In addition to student and faculty presenters, a group of seven earth space and science undergraduate and graduate students attended the conference to learn about the latest geological research being conducted across the southeastern U.S.