Einstein Bros. Bagels Relocating from Howard Hall to Schwob Memorial Library

COLUMBUS, Ga. It doesn’t take a genius to know something is going on with Einstein Bros. Bagels in Columbus State’s Schwob Memorial Library.

The sign in front of the library construction site — “Coming Soon, Einstein Bagels” — gives it away.

Renovation of Howard Hall, set to begin this summer, will put the Einstein’s there on the move. It will relocate at the end of this spring semester to the northeast corner of the library just left of the main entrance.

“It will be a full-service restaurant just like what we have over in Howard Hall,” said Kelly Wilson, construction services project manager in CSU Plant Operations. “So the (Einstein’s) pod that is in there now on the right (in the library), will go away. And the library will take that space back over, and Mark Flynn (libraries dean) will do whatever he wants to do with it.”

And preliminary plans call for that space to become a living room-style reading area with soft seating, mobile device chargers and books to browse.

“That could all change,” Flynn said. “We want to get a look at what the new Einstein’s will look like, which will have more seating. From midterms to finals, we have a lot more students in (the library) and, at times, every available space in there is taken. If we can squeeze more seating in there, the better it is for the students.”

This move has been in the works, Wilson said, for well over a year. Construction on the new Einstein’s began on Jan. 10, but has not been noticeable because it is behind the temporary walls.

“It will be completed before the end of the semester, so Einstein’s can move right over,” Wilson said.

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