English Faculty Co-Author Article

Three CSU Department of English faculty co-authored an article that was published in Southern Discourse in the Center: A Journal of Multiliteracy and Innovation in Fall of 2019. Co-authors are Dr. Judith Livingston, English Department Chair, Dr. Eliot Rendleman, Associate Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences, and Sundi Rose-Holt, Senior Lecturer.

The article, titled “A "Quick-Fire" Study on Effective Frequency Thresholds for Mandatory Writing Center Visits,” contributes to the ongoing debate of the advisability and value of mandatory appointments for students in writing centers. Required appointments are often thought to be counterproductive, yet this quantitative study argues in favor of “a system of mandatory visits that ensures students visit the writing center at least three times." In the study, Dr. Rendleman abandons his “long-held resistance to mandatory visits.”