English Prof to Speak to European Scientists

COLUMBUS, Ga. When Nick Norwood published A Palace for the Heart in 2004, he did not know this book of poems would lead him to appear two years later before one of Europes largest gathering of respected scientists.

Dr. Nick NorwoodNorwood, a Columbus State University English professor, will be featured in a dramatic presentation on his books subject, King Ludwig II of Bavaria, during the July 15-18 Euroscience Open Forum in Munich. This second annual event is staged and promoted as a science festival to bring together Europes leading scientists and interested members of the general public. Current issues related to scientific research are presented through exhibitions, symposia, talk shows and cultural events.

Ill be performing in a one-act play and reading one of my poems, which has been incorporated into the play, Norwood said.

Norwoods participation was solicited by one of the forums organizers, University of London physics professor Jean-Patrick Connerade, who as a poet under the name Chaunes, wrote the play especially for the event.

(Connerade) noticed my book when it came out and hes asked me to be in this performance, said Norwood, who will be joined on stage by French-German actress Sophie Daull and the French poet Sylvoisal.

The play is based on an interview with the ghost of Ludwig II, held in a visitation room of Purgatory, and conducted by two biographers. I play Biographer Number 1, added Norwood.

The performance will be part of a larger, special panel on Ludwig that Euroscience forum organizers have planned. Ludwig, one of Munichs most famous sons, also is known as the Mad King of Bavaria for what historians commonly cite as his unrestrained obsession for building extravagant castles three of them during his 1864-86 reign.

It turns out Ludwig also was interested in science and his famous castles employ what was at the time the very latest in technology, said Norwood, who also has been invited to a reception on the first evening of the conference for honored guests, including Germany President Horst Khler.

The forum is a creation of Euroscience, a grass-roots scientific organization founded in 1997 with more than 2,000 members in 40 countries. This years forum is hosted by Wissenschaft im Dialog, a nonprofit group comprised of prominent German research-funding organizations, whose mission is to promote interaction and dialogue between scientists and the general public.

Norwoods appearance at the forum, coincidentally, will represent a break from a June 22-July 26 study abroad program in which he will teach literature at Schwabisch Gmund, Germany about 180 miles northwest of Munich.

Norwood joined the CSU faculty in 2002 and teaches a variety of writing classes. A 2006 CSU Educator of the Year finalist, he has published a second poetry book, The Soft Blare, and has additional works in progress including two novels and a collection of short stories.