Entrepreneurship Course to Spark Collaboration Between Business Students and Non-Majors

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A new course  will provide an opportunity for non-business students to learn — alongside business majors — the fundamentals of establishing a small business.

Any student can register for Introduction to Entrepreneurship, to debut this spring and taught by assistant professors of management Steven Brown and Phillip Bryant in day and evening sections.

The course covers steps to writing a business plan, which would be invaluable to students participating in the Turner College of Business’ recently announced Business Plan Competition, said management professor Kirk Heriot, CSU’s Ray and Evelyn Crowley Distinguished Chair of Entrepreneurship.

“More than half of all small business owners start without formal training, but this type of course can provide insight that non-educated entrepreneurs develop through experience, often the hard way,” said Heriot, who designed the course to replace related offerings that have separated business students from non-majors.

“Bringing together majors and non-majors should spark some interesting collaborations, said Heriot. “Business students tend to be analytical while the students from other disciplines, like music and communication, are generally more creative. Mixing these characteristics is like the right-left brain phenomenon and should enhance the experience for all students.”

While the course broadens and strengthens the business majors’ knowledge base, it is not necessarily designed to prompt non-majors students to immediately go out and start a small business. “More practically, the course will prepare them to identify and capitalize on an entrepreneurial opportunity further into their careers,” Heriot said.

Students can register for the course during the Nov. 8-Dec. 14 early registration period.

The business plan competition involves an early April submission deadline. Heriot said he's available to give tutorial presentations on business plan writing upon request. Plus, any prospective entrants can study the Small Business Administration’s guidelines for writing a business plan.

For more information on the new course or competition, contact Heriot at 706-562-1674 or e-mail heriot_kirk@ColumbusState.edu.