Faculty Tenure And Promotions Announced

The Columbus State University Office of Academic Affairs has announced the list of professors who have been promoted or have earned tenure. It's a great day in academic affairs when a faculty member is tenured or promoted, said Martha Saunders, vice president of academic affairs. The tenure process is a long and rigorous probationary period. Promotion requires many additional years of attention to quality. We're so pleased to announce this year's tenure and promotion recommendations.'



Michael L. Baltimore (Professor)
Virginia E. Causey (Associate Professor)
Betty Anne Diaz (Associate Professor)
Warren B. Church (Associate Professor)
Thomas P. Dolan (Associate Professor)
June S. Goyne (Professor)
Reagan Grimsley (Asstistant Professor)
Teresa L. Hopkin (Associate Professor)
Stanislav A. Kurkovsky (Associate Professor)
Noreen G. Lape (Associate Professor)
Mark S. Schmidt (Associate Professor)
John D. Studstill (Associate Professor)
Jose A. Villacicencio (Associate Professor)
Betsy A. Witt (Associate Professor)



Warren B. Church
Clarence E. Coleman
Tregon J. Fitch
Kristen S. Hansen
Eugen Ionascu
Stanislav A. Kurkovsky
Noreen G. Lape
Mark Schmidt