Fall 2010 Distance Learning Grant Deadline Announced

Columbus State University will again encourage the development of courses in an online instructional format. The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is offering grants in the amount of $1,500 for the development of new online courses in all disciplines. Courses should be online versions of courses already approved by the University Curriculum Committee or Graduate Council that have not yet been offered online.

Participants in this grant program should have at a minimum completed training in the CougarView (WebCT Vista 8) instructional platform. Training in CougarView, Tegrity, iTunes, Wimba, and other instructional platforms is available from UITS.

Proposed courses should initially receive approval from the department chair and dean of the college where the course is offered and should meet standards included on the Quality Matters Rubric (see link below). In order to receive funding, the inclusion of the course in the department schedule should be planned by the department chair. The rubric itself should be used to outline how the standards are will be met by the design of the course and should be signed by faculty member proposing the course and by the department chair. It is understood that a comprehensive course assessment cannot be performed at this time. However, the Distance Learning Committee will review proposals in terms of how well course design meets the standards included in the rubric.

Please submit course proposals on the Request for Proposal Response Form along with the completed Quality Matters Rubric, signed by faculty member and department chair to Tom Hackett, Interim Associate Provost at Richards Hall 317 by 5:00 P.M., September 24, 2010.  These items may be found on our website at: