From the Provost: Information Literacy Requirement Update


In 2014-2015, the Department of English discontinued the requirement that students must pass an embedded plagiarism module to pass ENGL 1102. This element in ENGL 1102 was the means through which students satisfied the Information Literacy requirement, which was mandatory for all undergraduate students. It was determined that the requirement caused administrative bottlenecks without assessing important aspects of information literacy in a valid way. It is important to note that working with sources and citing them properly is still central to the content and learning outcomes of ENGL 1102. Only the reporting mechanism changed.

In Fall, the General Education Committee recommended removing the information literacy requirement from the catalog and revisiting its assessment in Spring 2017 when a more effective instrument for this topic will be available through ETS. This recommendation was approved by the Deans Council. I plan to approach the General Education Committee this semester to consider the possibility of including information literacy/plagiarism as a general education competency.

Effective Spring 2016, the requirement for the separate Information Literacy assessment will be eliminated. We will work with UITS and the Office of the Registrar to either remove it from the Academic Advising Record, the Degree Evaluation Record and DegreeWorks or to note it as “Waived” for graduates Spring 2016 forward. A separate communication will be sent to undergraduate students, but please feel free to share this information with them.

Tom Hackett, Professor
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs