GEAR UP Georgia Talks Education

Randalette L. Williams, GEAR UP Georgia Program Coordinator at Columbus State University, recently hosted the first GEAR UP Georgia On the Table event with 45 GEAR UP students, their parents, and special guest Dr. David Lewis, Superintendent of Muscogee County School District.

Attendees discussed the current state of education in Muscogee County, parent and student engagement, and shared concerns and solutions for ensuring graduates are equipped to excel in their next phase of life.

"Dr. Lewis maintains his accessibility and willingness to engage in open dialogue and we appreciate him spending Tuesday evening with us. Many of the students and parents in the room had never met Dr. Lewis prior to this event. I hope they walked away from the experience enlightened, informed and encouraged," says Williams.

GEAR UP Georgia is a $21 million dollar, seven year grant that began with a group of seventh graders in 2016. The grant is now in year four and currently works with 753 sophomore students in the Muscogee County School District.