Hallock Papers Offer New History Research Possibilities at Columbus State University

HallockCOLUMBUS, GA --- Students, faculty and the public will get a unique inside look into World War II, the Korean War and the Iranian Revolution thanks to a new collection in CSU Archives of Colonel Richard R. Hallock’s personal letters and papers from more than two decades in the military.

Hallock was an airborne officer in World War II and the youngest major to command a battalion in the Korean War. In occupied Berlin, he served as Gen. Lucius Clay’s personal aide for intelligence during the Berlin Airlift, the effort that supplied Ally-occupied zones in Germany with rations and supplies from the skies.

In 1961, Hallock helped develop the M-16 assault rifle when he served as one of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s “Whiz Kids.” His papers also document his experiences as consultant to the Shah of Iran, a position from which he witnessed the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

“Taken together, the Hallock papers offer historians and political scientists new pathways of research on the U.S. Army from Hallock’s entry into basic training through World War II and the Korean War, Fort Leavenworth and the Pentagon, as well as those key years preceding the overthrow of the Shah,” said Dan Crosswell, assistant professor of history and CSU’s Colonel Richard R. Hallock distinguished university chair in military history. “Hallock’s multi-faceted stories proffer a wealth of research possibilities.”

CSU Archives will officially reveal the Hallock collection in a ceremony with guest speaker Pierre Sprey, defense analyst and former colleague of Hallock’s from McNamara’s office. Hallock’s wife Mim Hallock, CSU Archives and CSU Libraries are sponsoring the event on Monday, April 20 at 6 p.m. in the Simon Schwob Memorial Library.

Earlier this week, CSU Archives released an online interactive map that details troop placements, fortifications and other points of interest from the Battle of Columbus in 1865.

For more information about Hallock’s papers, contact Mark Flynn, dean of libraries, at 706-507-8681 or flynn_mark@columbusstate.edu or visit http://archives.columbusstate.edu/findingaids/mc284.php.