Important Notice to Faculty and Staff about Dropped Students for Non-Payment

Dear CSU Faculty and Staff:

Today the Bursar's Office executed the first round of drops for non-payment. 66 students were dropped. Students have been contacted and warned multiple times about their balances, and please keep in mind that the actual payment deadline for this term was 10 days ago on Friday, January 15. The students dropped today had not applied for financial aid, and had not responded to previous notifications, the last of which went out Friday afternoon and asking for resolution of their account by 1:00 p.m. today. Students whose schedules have been dropped have been given a link to the roll correction form along with instructions for arranging for payment and reinstatement by contacting the Bursar's Office.

If you have students who were dropped, and they wish to be reinstated, we have asked them to obtain the necessary signatures from instructors within 3 business days. It is up to you as an instructor as to whether you sign off on the form which basically gives us authorization to reinstate them to the class once they have cleared their account with the Bursar's Office. However, we request that IF you are aware that a student has not been attending and participating your class, that you do not sign off on the form. This is extremely important given the same logic that the Provost recently sent with the request that you complete your roll audits. If it's later determined  that a student did not actually attend, but received aid for a class, then thousands of dollars may have to be returned to federal and state government agencies by the University, and the student in turn owing the University those funds. While it IS the student's responsibility to ensure they are registered only for courses wherein they are actively participating and pursing credit toward their degree, we ask your assistance and attention to this matter.

There will be several rounds of drops over the next couple of weeks, the next coming later this week for students who applied for and received aid, but who still have an unpaid balance which remains unresolved. We again ask for your assistance and patience. Several offices, most notably Bursar, Financial Aid, and Military Enrollment review individually the list of potential student drops, before executing the drop process. Despite the great care taken, at times a student on the list may be dropped despite our recognition of issues beyond their control with which we or others are assisting them. If you hear of such a student, please let me or our leadership team know. You can email us at and we will check into the situation, and if appropriate reinstate the student.

Please let me or our team know if you have any questions.


John P. McElveen
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Columbus State University