Insects Take Center Stage at Oxbow’s Insectival on Sunday

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Creepy crawlies will be the main attraction at the 12th annual Insectival, scheduled from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, June 10 at Columbus State University’s Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center.

Insectival is designed to show visitors just how important insects are for a healthy environment. But Insectival is disguised as a fun, family event, and visitors will be able to experience insects in a variety of ways. Visitors can hold them, eat them, watch them or even spit them.


Yes, there will be an assortment of bug snacks, and a cricket-spitting contest. The following highlights are also on the agenda for this special Second Sunday program:

  • A dragonfly hike with Oxbow naturalists.
  • Examination of carnivorous plants.
  • Honeybee discussion with Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association representatives, featuring a live hive.
  • Bug catch with extension agent Jennifer Davidson.
  • Insect CSI seminar with George Stanton, CSU professor of biology and interim director of Oxbow Meadows.

Admission to Insectival is $3 per person.

Columbus State University’s Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center is an educational outreach program of Columbus State University, and is operated in association with Columbus Water Works. It's located at 3535 South Lumpkin Road.

For more information, call 706-507-8550.

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