Internet Explorer update

Great news...UITS developed a Do-It-Yourself installation for Internet Explorer 8. Now you can upgrade your office computer or laptop to IE8 yourself, at your own convenience. The upgrade takes about 15-30 minutes and requires a reboot afterward.

The upgrade is not required, especially if you don't use IE, however we do recommend that you go ahead and upgrade as several campus-wide applications (Banner, CougarNet, eQuest) will no longer run on the older versions after the first of the year.


1. Determine your version of IE (some computers already have it) by opening IE and clicking on 'Help', 'About'
2. Save all documents and close all programs
3. Click on 'Start', 'My Computer'
4. Select 'ZENworks Adaptive Agent'
5. Select 'Updates'
6. Click on 'Install Internet Explorer 8' to begin the installation
7. Your machine will automatically reboot afterward

If you do not see the 'ZENworks Adaptive Agent', please submit an eQuest so that we can install it for you.

If you do not see 'Install Internet Explorer 8', your machine is not IE8-ready or it already has IE8 (see #1 above). If you do not already have IE8, please submit an eQuest and we will ready your machine and install it for you.

For detailed instructions and screen shots, see

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