Letter from Dr. Hackett to Faculty and Staff

April 10, 2015


Sorry for the long email, but I want to fill you in on several things: 1) the developing CSU budget for next year, 2) the new Honors Dean, and 3) projects happening or planned around campus.

On the budget, Columbus State University, like every state institution, is in the process of developing a budget for Fiscal Year 2016.  We anticipate receiving our state allocation from the University System of Georgia in the next two weeks, with the expectation that we will submit Columbus State’s budget by early May.  As I have shared with many of you, among top priorities for Columbus State will be to continue to address faculty and staff salaries (the salary study committee is meeting regularly to develop recommendations to that end) and meeting the needs of students by filling critical faculty and staff positions.  Deans are working directly with Interim Provost Tina Butcher, Vice President Helton, Associate Vice President for Business and Finance Frank Hardymon, Senior Budget Officer Terry Moshier,  Budget Director Melanie White, and me to develop budget recommendations for colleges.  The budget office is directly engaged in these efforts as we work to develop a budget.  At the same time, vice presidents are submitting their budget needs directly to Dr. Helton.

In the interest of making the budget more transparent, the budget for FY 2015 has been posted on the VPBF website at http://vpbusiness.columbusstate.edu/.  Additionally, a hard copy of the entire FY 2015 budget is located at the Schwob Library.  For more information or for questions, contact Frank Hardymon in the Office of Business and Finance.

For the Honors College, we recently finished a search for a new dean for the Honors College, launched in Spring 2014.  The search was ably conducted by Professor Andree Martin and the search committee, who advanced several names for consideration.  After giving this decision a great deal of thought over a period of several days, I have offered the position to Dr. Cindy Ticknor who, as you know, has filled the position of interim dean following several successful years as Honors Program Director, and she has accepted.  Dr. Ticknor has been a longtime director of the Honors Program and has been successful in building on what was already a fine program to grow it into an Honors College.  I know you will work with Dr. Ticknor as she works to develop resources to enhance Honors at Columbus State.

Finally, I want to bring you up to speed on the many projects planned or going on around campus because of the generosity of our donors and partners, with the support of our state leaders.

As these projects progress, we will all surely experience some frustrations as we accommodate the construction. Please be patient as we work through these projects and our master building plan. This campus and this community will be a much better place when we are finished.

We will continue to have conversations about these projects and their impact over the next few months and years. Here’s what we know at this point. (Please note that all dates are estimates and subject to change):







Project List

We are working to develop processes and budgets that are more transparent and that ultimately meet the needs of the students attending this university.  We are open to your ideas regarding how to do a better job. Please contact me or any of the vice presidents with any questions.  Thank you for everything you do to provide first rate instruction and services to students during challenging budget times.


Tom Hackett, Professor
Interim President