McCollough and Gibson Publish Work Chronicling Development and Impact of NPACE

Communication faculty Dr. Chris McCollough and Dr. Danna Gibson were recently published in the latest issue of the Journal of Community Engagement in Higher Education. Their work "NPACE: Service Learning that Enhances Civic and Community Health," is a study of the context, process, and resources it took to develop the Department of Communication's Non-Profit and Civic Engagement Center. The paper goes further to highlight key projects and outcomes for community partners, Communication students, and the faculty who contribute to NPACE's success.

The Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education, now in its tenth year, offers one of the strongest avenues for publishing interdisciplinary research and commentary on ways in which institutions of higher education embrace the larger mission to serve the needs of their communities. Among the common fields of study are service-learning, internships, and student organization outreach programs.

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