McCollough and Gibson to Present Scholarship on Service Learning in London

Communication professors Dr. Chris McCollough and Dr. Danna Gibson have been invited to present research at the Biennial meeting of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council in London, England in July.

Their study, "Cultivating Community Leaders: Assessing Service Learning Student Community Involvement in Civic and Nonprofit Organizations Beyond the Course" is included among scholarship from faculty and nonprofit center directors across the country who explore education, community engagement, and nonprofit management.

In the study, McCollough and Gibson examined seven years of graduates from the program and found a strong relationship between completion of service learning coursework and engagement of alumni in community nonprofit organizations, whether in addition to professional activities or as professional activity itself.

In addition to presenting the work in London, the work itself is under consideration for publication by the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership or for an edited volume compiled by NACC for publication.