McCollough to Present on Creel Commission and Modern Media Practice at WWI Symposium

Dr. Chris McCollough, Associate Professor of Communication, will be presenting scholarship on the impact of the Creel Commission on modern public relations, advertising, and popular media at the WWI Armistice and Aftermath Symposium at Michigan Tech University in late September. The study is a direct result of advanced research Dr. McCollough has done for his upcoming summer course “ITDS 1145: The Art and Science of World War I Propaganda – Then and Now.”

His manuscript "Propaganda as Public Relations Antecedent: The Complex Legacy of the Creel Commission" looks at the positive and negative impacts of the Creel Commission's work in turning the public tide from opposition to full support of America's WWI effort through the lens of the 4 Minute Men campaign. Last studied in 1975, McCollough wants to update a recently growing body of research on public relations work resulting from the war effort by looking at how the speaking tour measures up to contemporary public relations practices.

The manuscript will be part of a two-day Symposium at Michigan Tech that will include period performances, speeches, cuisine, entertainment and scholarship focused on discussing the broader impact of WWI over the century since the end of the Great War. The program includes artists, historians, social scientists, and political scientists. Those presenting research, including McCollough, will be invited to contribute a chapter to an edited volume for publication following the conference.