Memo from VPAA--Guaranteed Tuition

To: All Faculty and Staff
From: Vice President Stanton
Re: Guaranteed Tuition
Date: June 27, 2006

Effective fall 2006, all entering freshmen will be offered a fixed tuition rate for the next four years - defined as 12 consecutive terms (including summer term), regardless of the number of these terms in which the student is enrolled. Basic Studies students classified as traditional students will be allowed a fixed tuition rate for five years. According to the policy, students who have not graduated by the time their guaranteed tuition rate expires will be charged the guaranteed rate for new students entering CSU at the time the original guarantee expires. This rate will increase each year as the BOR approves a new guaranteed rate for new students (June 7, BOR Press Release).

According to the chancellor, the new policy is intended to make it easier for students and their families to plan with confidence for college expenses and to provide an incentive for students to graduate on time. The incentive to graduate on time will require a great deal of focus and change for CSU faculty and students. To take full advantage of this incentive, students will need to consider the following:

* Students must increase their current course load to 15 hours per semester OR take 12 hours fall and spring semesters and 6 hours during the summer (30 hours per year).

* It is critical for students to carefully monitor their degree evaluation reports and take pre-requisites in a timely manner and be aware of classes which are not offered on a regular basis.

* Students should make an 'academic graduation plan' and pay special attention to the fact that their tuition may increase by 30% or more if they do not graduate in four years.

* The guaranteed tuition rate does not include mandatory fees (such as health, technology, and athletic fee) which are still subject to annual increases.

* Students will need to give more thought to changing majors and taking classes which do not apply to their intended major.

* The BOR has not made a decision about guaranteed rates and how they will apply to students who transfer into and between various institutions of the University System.

* This policy will also apply to all new freshmen who enrolled summer 2006.

We are preparing a communication piece which will go to all incoming freshmen (including those who entered summer term). An FAQ will be up shortly on the Enrollment Services Future Student site and other areas around campus. You are encouraged to promptly report to the staff in Enrollment Services and the academic administration (through chairs and deans) any concerns or issues related to this new policy. Due to the complexity of the administrative side of this policy, we expect some procedural challenges. If you do not clearly understand the new policy, please check it out before you give advice to your students. Your assistance in communicating this policy is greatly appreciated.