Message from Dr. Markwood and Dr. Hackett: Campus Parking

Dear CSU students, faculty and staff:

With the elimination of the parking lot inside Clearview Circle for the new student housing, there have been some concerns voiced about parking on campus. We understand there are concerns. We have heard the worries. Please know that we have been looking at the issue for months and will continue to do so.

The main issue seems to be one of convenience. Parking spots on the interior of campus are scarce and fill quickly. Students will find it increasingly difficult to find a place to park if they arrive on campus shortly before class begins and hope to park near their building. But we believe there are actually enough total spaces throughout campus to handle the traffic.

Not only have we expected this, we have been planning for it. A landscaping plan developed several years ago outlined a more pedestrian-friendly campus with more greenspace on the interior of campus. A demand for more parking is also a natural result of growth, and common to most college campus. The university has been working hard to increase enrollment while also improving the campus. More than $60 million worth of construction is under way to upgrade campus, build new facilities and improve our infrastructure. These improvements will add to the university’s efforts over the last decade to improve the campus culture for students. Examples include the Student Recreation Center, increased student programming, a renovated library, more common spaces and meeting areas around campus, additional dining options and an upgraded Wi-Fi network. These steps should make it convenient for students to stay on campus – and enjoy their time here. The end goal is to make students feel more connected with CSU and each other, which research shows improves retention.

With that all being said, we recognize steps need to be made to help people find parking this fall. Here’s what is being done:
Spreading out the class schedules throughout the day. Data shows during our most popular times on campus, no more than 2,000 students are taking classes at any given time, while there are a total of 2,491 student parking spaces available throughout campus.

Residents of Courtyard 1 and 2 student apartments will no longer be able to park on campus.

Shuttle will be increased around campus to encourage more parking in “outer” parking lots such as at the Cunningham Center and soccer field.

Signs are now on light poles to identify parking lots, show pedestrian routes to the middle of campus and display walking times to various buildings.

Increase communication at the beginning of the school year to encourage people to arrive early, be patient, and find open spaces.

Develop maps and signage to show walking times to middle of campus.

Encourage alternate methods for getting to campus, such as bike trails, city bus options, walking paths, and CSU shuttles.

Remove service vehicles from the student parking garage to open up more spaces for students.
We expect, as it usually does, that parking will settle into a normal, manageable routine within a few days of school starting. Please help us by being patient, arriving early and considering alternative options.

Thank you,

Chris Markwood, President
Tom Hackett, Provost