New CSU Degree Option Focuses on Environmental Policy

COLUMBUS, Ga. - Columbus State University has added an environmental administration track to its Master of Public Administration degree program.

Students may enroll now for the new track, which takes effect fnext fall and joins MPA tracks in government, health science and justice administration.

“The MPA degree has become more interdisciplinary,” said Columbus State University Provost Inessa Levi. “In order to equip MPA graduates with skills and knowledge covering a broad range of topics, the environmental administration Track will enable graduates to manage environmental issues from positions in local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as in nonprofit organizations and private businesses.”

CSU Political Science and MPA Chair Gregory Domin said the track helps bridge the gap between environmental science and public policy as students examine natural and human systems and their interdependence. “As we continue to grow the MPA program, the environmental administrative track offers our students the opportunity to become leaders at all levels of the public and private sector, who offer solutions to the environmental challenges our community, our nation, and the world confront in the 21st century,”

The new program track will closely examine environmental policies and policymaking. Environmental policies are aimed at addressing problems associated with an increase in population which increases stress on the environment, society, and resources. As such, an emergent number, complexity, and importance of environmental concerns must be addressed by numerous policymakers who can foster sustainable development and consumption to combat growing ecological problems.

Protecting natural resources while advancing economic development is an increasingly difficult task facing current and future administrators. In response, the environmental track’s purpose is to produce graduates prepared to address various environmental issues locally, nationally and internationally through its unique educational and research facilities and highly specialized faculty, Domin said.

Frederick Gordon, a global environmental policy scholar, has been hired to support the new program track. Gordon received his doctorate from the University of Southern California in 2005. He has held posts at the University of California – Los Angeles, several California Sate University institutions, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles Community College District and, most recently, California Lutheran University. Gordon’s research emphasis is on water resource management policy.

“I am every excited about the opportunity to support the environmental administration track in the MPA program at Columbus State University,” said Gordon. “This is a great opportunity to enhance awareness throughout CSU’s service region about the impact environmental issues have on our daily lives. Everyone is part of and is touched by the environment. I view my new position as an access point for students to gain a deeper insight into the politics of policymaking.”

The new degree track also is part of Columbus State’s commitment to offer attractive, in-demand programs that also benefit the CSU service region. For more information, call MPA Program Director Bill Chappell, at 706-569-2891.