Online Chat Room Open Tuesday For New and Prospective Students

It is time to chat. At least that is the way the CSU Enrollment Services division sees things as they prepare to bring the fall 2005 class to the university.

CSU has decided to provide incoming students with an online chat room to tap into information about admissions, registration, financial aid, housing and other general questions that new or prospective students may have about the university. CSUs first online chat room will be open Tuesday, June 14 from 4-7 p.m. Students coming this fall, or considering CSU in the future are invited to log on at

Although it will be an online chat room, the format will be very specific one that will allow students to talk to CSU experts about the university and to ask questions concerning campus life, said CSU director of recruitment Shannon Wilson. As students arrive for fall semester the chat room will be a great, comfortable way for them to discover CSU and a way for them to get to know the campus a little better before they arrive.

The idea of making students comfortable was, according to Wilson, one of the primary reasons for using the chat room format.

There are so many of our students very familiar with the Web and the format of other chat rooms, Wilson said.

We believe once they understand they can log in anonymously they will feel more free to talk to us about how the campus can best serve them and what they can expect when they come to CSU. Its all about providing them a comfortable, convenient way to interact with university officials and to let them know we want to help make their transition into university life a great experience.

Wilson said the convenience and easy access to the Web and the chat room are important and also will provide students access to accurate and updated information. According to Wilson, this will be a big help when students are looking for the most recent information regarding classes offered, schedules and admissions requirements.

With the opening of its online chat room, CSU is moving in the direction of numerous other college and university campuses across the nation, and has given its students one more way to discover campus life.


For more information, contact Shannon Wilson, 568-2035