Pasaquan Director Mike McFalls Co-curates Exhibit Opening in New York

Mike McFalls, director of Pasaquan, and Annie Moye, Pasaquan Preservation Society chair, are co-curating a St. EOM exhibit that opens September 26 in New York. The co-curators will use research and art collected in the Columbus State University Archives, and they were assisted by CSU student intern, Yun Praught.

“Yun's assistance in managing the collection has been instrumental with her work ensuring much of the collection is easily accessible,” said McFalls. “This greatly facilitated the selection of works for the upcoming exhibit, but more broadly helps open the collection to other researchers who may be interested in Pasaquan.”

“Because of Yun, we were able to select and locate images, identify sizes, and more in a timely manner and with ease,” said Moye. “The CSU Archives staff was also supportive and helped us prepare certain works for public display.”

The Pasaquan exhibit will be the first exhibit in a new space called 1B, which is located in New York City’s East Village. Owned by Institute 193 in Lexington, Kentucky, 1B will focus on bringing southern artists to the attention of the art world.