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Adult Learning Resource Center Provides Academic, Social and Emotional Support

January 2, 2002

With the Adult Learning Resource Center, adult learners have a safe haven, a space of their own that facilitates the non-traditional students college experience.

An adult learner, as defined by Program Coordinator Tracie Price, 'is a non-traditional student who may juggle school, family, home, and even extra curricular activities. In some instances, some students may be entering CSU for the first time after being out of school for 20 years, transferring from other institutions, while some may be working full-time and taking class in Evening College, and others may be entering the university with grown children in school themselves.' So, with the center, such students have a connection and support system that understands their concerns of what it is like to be older than the traditional, 18-24-year-old student.

Located in Howard Hall 112, the center is an intimate and nurturing environment complete with free coffee, a television, magazines and newspapers, four computers, a microwave, and a telephone for personal outgoing calls. Price decribed adult learners previously as a demographic that could be characterized as eating lunch in their cars, or sitting in Davidson uncomfortably amongst other traditional students; however, now, adult learners are in a comfortable space in the center. 'I have many regulars who come into the center because they really enjoy it . . . they have a place to hangout where they can feel comfortable,' said Price.

Outside of facilitating an emotional and socially stable realm, the center also supplements CSU's regular 8-5 operations. For example, non-traditional students enter campus after business hours when such offices as Admissions and the Registrar's Office are closed. Thus, to conduct necessary business such as changing a major, Price explains, the Evening College secretary, Carol Porter can work as a liaison in such situations and retrieve the necessary form the student may need. 'The students have a live person available to them on campus at night. . . with this presence students don't get frustrated when handling such situations after regular business hours,' said Price.

The center is also able to help part-time Evening College faculty with their issues and concerns. 'We really need to raise awareness of our services for part-time faculty . . . because they are not on campus during regular business hours as well, so the center can be a great resource for them. For instance, if they need assistance with processing grades, we are available to help them in that process,' said Price, referring to the fact that these faculty members do not have the support that is available during day-time business hours.

Whether to study, socialize, or receive academic support, the center is an open and inviting atmosphere for non-traditional students,' said Price.

For more information about CSU's Adult Learning Learning Resource Center, contact Price at 565-7846 or by e-mail at