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CSU Opens Remodeled Student Center

January 2, 2002

After months of work, CSU students can again reclaim their domain in the upper level of the Davidson Student Center.

'The renovation is being done to restore the area for the students as the student center is the living room of any campus,' said Larry Kees, CSU dean of students.

The newly renovated area, formerly the 'old' cafeteria and game room, is a large facility divided into three areas for multiple uses, said Kees. The area will be complete with a information desk, game area, a center stage for dance, a multi-media section with a 60-inch television and shelves with Internet connections, and a refurbished lounge of couches and chairs.

The remodeling, added Kees, also includes a plush carpet and varying floor tiles to give each section of the room a distinct and deep feel.

Furthermore, the 'old' television room will be restored to a conference room for various types of gatherings. In addition, the walls will feature painted murals - athletic figures in Cougar uniforms and images of CSU landmarks such as the clock tower and stairway .

With this newly evolved center, open during the day as well as evening, 'all students will have a reason to hang around Davidson and enjoy their space,' said Kees.

The space complements the center's recently-expanded cafeteria, renamed the Davidson Marketplace, and the newest eatery next door, the Grille Works.

Adjacent to the main cafeteria dining area on the Davidson Center first floor, the new section occupies the space vacated by Public Safety and features a pair of 'College Network' televisions and a limited number of data ports for laptop computers.

Fries, nachos, chicken wings, hot sandwiches, frozen yogurt, 'Cougar Smoothies,' salads and a Pizza Hut station are among the food attractions.

Grille Works can seat more than 100 patrons at a time, and is open until 10 p.m. during the week .