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CSU Veteran Graduates Receives Suits from Local Businesses

May 13, 2019

IMG 0632Three Columbus State University veteran graduates are headed into the civilian workforce, armed with a new degree and a new suit for job interviews. The suits were donated by local businesses as part of CSU’s 2nd Annual Suits for Vets campaign. The program is coordinated by CSU’s office of military enrollment, a department at CSU that is focused on serving the needs of military-affiliated students.

“Many of our student veterans have been full-time students, therefore they have not been employed since their discharge from the military,” said Susan Lovell, Director of Military Enrollment at CSU. “The Suits for Vet campaign provides direction on how to dress professionally, but it also lifts the financial burden. None of this would be possible without the generous support from local retailers in our community.”

This year’s suit donations came from Chancellor’s, E&S Suit Warehouse, and JCPenney.

“Chancellor’s has deep roots with military dating back to 1863,” said Roger Stinson of Chancellor’s. “We at Chancellor’s are proud of our veterans and appreciate their service. We are glad to help them when we are able,” said Roger Stinson of Chancellor’s.

E&S Suit Warehouse also participated in the campaign, donating a handmade suit to Larry Kennedy, an earth and space science secondary education major. Kennedy hopes to use the suit at job interviews in the coming weeks.

“My experience was outstanding. I have purchased suits before, but the experience that I received with this one was special,” said Kennedy. “Because they knew it was for a veteran and college student who is trying to get back in the job market, they took extra time and care in finding a suit that actually worked with my skin complexion, physical size, and attributes. I was overwhelmed with the care and professionalism that I received from them. I’m glad that there are businesses and companies in the Columbus area that do take their time to offer this type of benefit for students and veteran students.”

The suit donation from JCPenney will include a full makeover, complete with hair, makeup, shoes, and the suit. The recipient, Rebecca Weaver, will document her experience on Tuesday, May 14, via CSU’s Instagram account. Follow her on her makeover journey at