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Summertime Cougar Success Academy to help first-time students ease into college

May 17, 2024

A student in front of a whiteboard presenting information to other students

Columbus State University’s new Cougar Success Academy will give soon-to-be college students an early taste of life as a university student. As its name implies, it’s about equipping students for academic success—but academy planners also emphasize the program is infused with some summertime fun.

“Our Cougar Success Academy is about getting ahead—and staying ahead,” said Dr. Melissa Young, director of CSU Advise, whose team of advisors guides students on matters ranging from choosing their majors to selecting their college courses. “It will allow students to ease into their college studies and get familiar with our campuses in a more relaxed setting.”

Registration for the Cougar Success Academy ends June 3, and students begin their first day of classes on July 1. The four-week summer program will allow Columbus State’s newest students to:

  • Complete two college courses: American Government and Public Speaking.
  • Make friends in smaller class settings and through social activities.
  • Develop exceptional notetaking, study and test-taking habits to excel in their studies.
  • Benefit from peer tutoring, workshops and seminars to help ensure college success.
  • Experience campus services like dining halls, dorm living and recreational programs.
  • Get to know their advisors and professors.
  • Have fun this summer.

Young said the Cougar Success Academy will provide students with the support they’ll need to confidently transition into college life.

“First-time college students often have concerns about succeeding and managing their independence in a faster-paced environment, while their families worry about their students’ ability to live independently and adjust socially. Our Cougar Success Academy is designed to equip students with the skills and confidence to overcome these doubts,” she said.


The program is open to all recent high school graduates entering their first year of studies at Columbus State—but space is limited. After a $25 registration fee, other program costs vary based on whether Cougar Success Academy participants live on campus or commute for the duration of the program. Financial aid can be applied to those fees for students who complete the 2023-24 Federal Application for Free Financial Aid, or FAFSA, for summer 2024.

The deadline to register, pay the $25 registration fee, and complete the 2023-24 FAFSA is Monday, June 3.

Full program information—including eligibility requirements, frequently asked questions, costs, and registration links—is on the Cougar Success Academy webpage.

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