Professor of English Awarded Pushcart Prize

A poem by Nick Norwood, Columbus State University professor of English and director of CSU’s Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians, has been awarded a Pushcart Prize, a nonprofit award series that recognizes the best in small press stories, poems and essays.

Norwood’s poem “Latchkey” will be published in the 42nd anniversary edition of the Pushcart Prize Anthology this November. “Latchkey” was originally published in the Fall 2016 issue of The Greensboro Review.


Remember the first time
you let yourself in—
stunned by the sheer
silence of it all,

the sunlight blooming
on mute, blank-faced
walls. And how you
stormed, then,

from room to room
blistering furniture
and framed photographs
with your hollering,

commanding the sunlight
to go away go away
because you wanted
to be alone.

Remember how you
yelled yourself
and scared.

And how eventually
you dropped
into your mother’s chair
and watched

that same sunlight creep
silently across floors,
up walls,
and let itself out.

© Nick Norwood