'Save a Life' Nationwide Blood Drive Starts At CSU Monday

An American Red Cross 18-wheeler-led convoy, on its 'Save A Life 2003' nationwide blood drive, will roll onto campus on Monday. The event will include live musical entertainment, an interactive Red Cross museum and a donation center from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 29 at the Lumpkin Center. The event will open the Southeast leg of a 350-city tour. Added attractions are scheduled to include musical acts The Standifers (gospel), Travis Howard (country - a Nashville Stars finalist), Nu Komingz (R&B) and Miss Georgia, Andrea Bailey. The museum details milestones and facts surrounding the American Red Cross' 122-year history.

The Red Cross chose the CSU campus because it's targeting 18-34-year-olds to help boost a donor base that currently totals 5 percent of eligible donors nationwide and 3 percent in Georgia, said Southern Region Donor Recruitment Representative Lane Brown. 'We need to increase donors and educate people on this need,' said Brown. Furthermore, the demand for blood is growing while the rate of donations has not kept pace. The Red Cross needs 25,000 daily donations nationwide to continue supplying half of the nation's blood. For the event at CSU, the Red Cross is targeting a minimum 150 pints and 188 donors, said Brown. 'Ideally, we would like to see up to 300 donors, but not every potential donor passes the screening.

For more information, contact: Red Cross locally at 322-4495 or visit www.givelife.org.