Servant Leadership Program Receives $1 Million From AFLAC

COLUMBUS, GA - Columbus-based AFLAC Inc., has pledged $1 million to Columbus State University to provide annual stipends to students in its heralded Servant Leadership Program.

AFLAC employees have long mentored students in the Servant Leadership Program, a collaborative effort between CSU and business, professional and private interests dedicated to helping students become leaders who believe that power and authority should be used for service and helping others grow. The program teaches through study, experiential learning, self-awareness, modeling and mentoring.

Now the insurance giant's involvement includes an endowment to the CSU 'An Investment in People' capital campaign to fund the AFLAC Servant Leadership Scholars.

'We are very proud to be able to support this valuable program at Columbus State with our time and our resources. The Servant Leadership program teaches values and philosophies that we value and try to espouse as a corporation,' said AFLAC Chairman and CEO Dan Amos.

The Servant Leadership Program is a 'quadruple-win' program benefiting the community, partnering businesses, the university, and the students themselves, said Director Mary Sue Polleys. Those served by non-profit agencies benefit from more than 7,000 hours of community service from these students each year; at-risk children and schools benefit from the students' mentoring; partnering businesses benefit from having access to recruit these top students for future employment; the students benefit from extensive academic and experiential leadership education; and the university benefits from the presence of highly-motivated students.

'This extraordinarily generous commitment of funds will ensure that deserving students for generations to come will have servant leadership stipends,' Polleys said. 'The stipends make it possible for students to concentrate time and energy on their studies and community and campus involvement instead of part-time jobs - involvement that develops leadership potential and, at the same time, meets real community needs.'

The 15 AFLAC Servant Leadership Scholars will be selected based on various criteria including previous positions of leadership in school or community, a minimum GPA of 3.0, recommendations, service to the community and extracurricular activities. The stipend is $2,500 annually - or $1,250 each semester.

'Columbus State University and this region are very fortunate to have AFLAC in our hometown,' said CSU President Frank Brown. 'Contributions such as this are vital to the students in Servant Leadership. This is a gift that continues to give, not only to the students but also to all those who come in contact with them across our region. AFLAC is helping CSU make a difference.'

CSU's Investment in People capital campaign seeks to raise $80 million to establish a learning environment more advanced than at any institution of similar size. CSU has logged more than $70 million - $60 million in gifts and pledges that will be received over he next five years and $10 million in deferred gifts, such as wills.



CSU contact: Mary Sue Polleys, 706-565-3655 or
AFLAC contact: Laura Kane, Public Relations Manager, 706-596-3493