Student Technology Fee Grant Application

The Student Technology Advisory Committee invites applications for grants from the Student Technology Fee for FY2013.  The application form can be found at:

The following statement, found at the beginning of the application form, describes the purpose of the fee and budgeting process:

The purpose of the Student Technology Fee is to enhance direct instructional support for students
in for-credit courses.  The budget for the following academic year is prepared in the early spring of the year just prior to the beginning of a new academic year.  Funds are budgeted for specific purposes during an academic year, approved requests are prioritized, and funds are then spent as they are received following each of the three major student registration periods (summer, fall, and spring).  To assure full consideration during the budget process, your request must be submitted to the Chair of the Technology Advisory Committee by 2pm on March 6th 2012. To help assure communication and consistency with department/college and university strategic planning, appropriate signatures must be obtained.

If your grant application states that your project/initiative requires the use of a room or space, approval of the grant is contingent upon availability for space requested.

Please note that the applications deadline is March 6th, 2011 and all application should be delivered to Ms. Julie McKenzie in CCT 147@UITS. The committee will meet in mid April to review and select the applications for grant awards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,