Students Spend President’s Day with a President

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A group of Columbus State University students were invited to spend President’s Day with former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn during a presentation to discuss the historic Camp David Accords.


The National Park Service hosted students and professors, including Dennis Rome, dean of CSU’s College of Letters and Sciences, and Fred Gordon, chair of CSU’s Department of Political Science, at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains, Ga. The 39th president and first lady discussed the personal, professional and cultural challenges they faced in formalizing the historic peace agreement, which effectively ended 31 years of war between Egypt and Israel. The Camp David Accords were signed in March 1979 during a ceremony in Washington, DC.

Four CSU students were invited to ask questions during the program: Leah Seifu, Jennifer Jurkowski, Korie McDougall and Justice Elijah.

“This was a really amazing experience to see a former president answer questions one-on-one, so honestly and directly,” said Seifu. “I didn’t really understand the Camp David agreement until now, so it was a great experience.”

“My favorite part of the presentation was watching the Carters interact with each other in such a loving and sweet way,” added Jurkowski.

The event also included students from Georgia Southwestern and Middle Georgia State Universities. The presentation was simulcast to schools across Georgia and a middle and high school in Nebraska.