Tentative Construction Schedule Set for Columbus State’s New Downtown Building

CSU COEHP downtown rendering copyCOLUMBUS, Ga — Columbus State University, working with contractors Brasfield & Gorrie, is releasing a tentative construction schedule for the new downtown home of CSU’s College of Education and Health Professions, which includes CSU’s School of Nursing.

Work is under way now on the interior of the existing buildings that used to house the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer to carefully remove any hazardous materials from the site. This work is being done under strict rules by state-licensed abatement contractors in a sealed environment. The abatement work is scheduled to last until about the end of April.

Demolition is scheduled to begin April 1 to remove the non-historic structures on the site. This includes the six-story tower known as the Page Building that sits at the corner of 12th and Broadway. Also scheduled for demolition is the warehouse, press bay and loading docks on the south end of the property. This work will take place during the standard work hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is expected to last about five months. No explosives will be used during the demolition process.

Before any work begins, crew will photograph neighboring buildings to document the structures. This process will be repeated as needed during the duration of the project to ensure no damage is done to any nearby buildings.

While the old buildings are being removed, renovation work will begin in the historic building that sits at the corner of Front Avenue and 12th Street. The historic structure will be renovated for administrative offices, advising offices, and the three education centers that will be moving downtown: the Center for Quality Teaching and Learning, The Math Collaborative and the Ivey Center for the Cultural Approach to History.

Foundation work will begin September, when crews start work on the site for new construction. This will mean installing “geopiers,” which are foundational support structures sunk into the ground to support the buildings.

The university hopes to take occupancy of the new complex in fall 2016.

Updated Construction Schedule