Theatre professor published in Dramatics magazine

Columbus State University Technical Director Scott C. Parker has published two articles in recent issues of Dramatics magazine.

His January 2009 article describes the fundamental objectives of the lighting designer’s work, the designer’s process of script analysis and the use of research to envision what the show should look like. In the second, May 2010 article, he outlines the next steps: figuring out where to hang lighting instruments and how to control them to achieve the effects shown in the rendering and communicating those solutions to the stage crew who will hang the lights in the theatre.

Dramatics is the Educational Theatre Association’s magazine for theatre students and teachers. Published monthly nine times a year (September through May), the magazine contains practical articles on acting, directing, design and other facets of theatre; profiles of working professionals that offer insights into theatre careers; new plays; book reviews; news about new productions in New York and other major theatre centers; and a monthly calendar of EdTA events.