Top CSU Students, Faculty Awarded at Annual Honors Convocation

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Columbus State University handed out its highest annual academic awards Friday, April 14 during the 2017 Scholastic Honors Convocation held in Legacy Hall at the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts. Edward O’Donnell, associate professor of marketing in CSU’s Turner College of Business, was named CSU’s 2016-2017 Educator of the Year, a recognition awarded by the Student Government Association based on student body nominations. The Faculty Cup, the highest award granted to a CSU student, went to Amber Terrell, a senior mathematics and secondary education major.

EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR: Dr. Edward O’Donnell
Edward O’Donnell is an associate professor of marketing in CSU’s Turner College of Business. O’Donnell was CSU’s representative for the 2014 University System of Georgia Regents’ Teaching Excellence Award and the 2013 Scholarship of Teaching Award. In 2011, he received CSU’s Faculty Research and Scholarship Award. O’Donnell earned his master’s in accounting from the University of Akron and his doctorate in marketing from Kent State University. He recently directed an honors thesis which resulted in a peer-reviewed publication.

FACULTY CUP: Amber Terrell
Amber Terrell is a senior mathematics and secondary education major. Amber is the recipient of multiple awards, honors and scholarships, including CSU’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship, the Hallmark Cards/Hall Family Foundation Scholarship, and the TSYS Future Scholars Scholarship. Amber has served as member, vice president and president of WeTeach (the student organization of CSU’s UTeach program), and she regularly serves as a mentor for Live United Youth Council and as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes, Relay for Life, and local elementary schools, among others. Amber graduates this May with honors. She is interested in teaching in high-needs school districts and serving as an advocate for active, hands-on learning in mathematics.

Amy Melton is a senior music education major. She was selected as one of 28 students in the University System of Georgia to be honored by the Georgia General Assembly during Academic Recognition Day 2017.

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The following individuals were selected as the most deserving students to represent each department and were recognized verbally during the Scholastic Honors Convocation.

Department of Biology - Rachel Pearson
Department of Chemistry - Nicole Sikes
Department of Mathematics - Amber Terrell
Department of Modern & Classical Languages - Armando Fernandez
Department of Earth & Space Science - Nicholas Garcia
Department of Psychology - Amelia Barton
Department of History & Geography - Jane Mader
Department of English - Cailee Davis
Department of Politics, Philosophy and Public Administration - Hugrun Elvarsdottir
Department of Theatre - Constance Tolbert
Department of Communication - Madison Ullman
Schwob School of Music - John Rogler
Department of Art - Julianna Wells
Graduate Business Program - Richard Navratil
Department of Accounting & Finance - Kaitlyn Moye
Department of Marketing & Management - Kayla Forsythe
TSYS School of Computer Science - Marko Maksimovic
School of Nursing - Levie Jones
Department of Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science - April Jowers
Department of Teacher Education - Savannah Talley
Department of Counseling, Foundations and Leadership: Karen Hancock


Alicia Abosede
Jeremy Ackles
Carley Adam
Delores Anderson
Jacqueline Barragan
Scott Berson
Jared Bies
Alexis Cardona
Jesse David Chariton
Nathan DeMarco-Jacobson
Kate Duggarn
Myra Elder
E'Lexues Evans
Matthew Frye
Mary Gasson
Abby Gibbons
Eliana Gilbert
Tracee Guthrie
Kendrea Hardison
Bertram Harris
Roderick Jolivette
April Jowers
Taeler Klimp
Emilee Leslie
Teresa Mafnas
Madison Montgomery
Nathanael Morrison
Anthonia Okonkwo
Rachel Pearson
Jasmine Phillips
Columbia Renix
Lyndsay Richardson
Chelsey Rogers
Jabari Scott
Meagan Shelnut
Barbara Smith
Timothy Thompson
Hannah Turner
Michael Ward
Brian White
Lakedra White


Phi Kappa Phi

Bradford Allen
Leanna Allen
Justin Ambrozia
Jason Armstrong
Taylor Aspinwall
Ashley Bailey
Ginette Bartlett
Scott Berson
Joseph Boland
Michael Bourgeois
Amber Braswell
Carolyn Brewster
Sarah Brinson
John Brock
Jason Brown
Tyler Brown
Joshua Christian
Corey Collins
Meagan Corcoran
Melissa Crosby
Allison Dansby
Joseph Dean
Rachel DeGennaro
Jacquelyn DeLauder
Ashley Desensi
Sean Drop
Donna Duncan
Marnie Dutcher
Mikell Edwards
Myra Elder
Tracy English
Stephen Fields
Brandi Fine
Jodi Fraser
Mary Garcia
Abby Gibbons
Eliana Gilbert
Jacob Glover
Mary Godfrey
Jessica Griggs
Bertram Harris
Melanie Harris
Barbara Heusel
Rebecca Hinzman
Ashley Hobby
Jesse Hunt
Kendall Isaac
Emily Jackson
Tarra Jackson
Cherish Jordan
Venetia Jordan
Ryan Karasow
Daniel Kim
Douglas Kornacki
Christopher Lane
Tabitha Lawrence
Amy Lee
Andrew LeMarQuand
Robert Lewis
Kwanza Lippitt
Candie Lynch
Alexus Mack
Kelsey MacMinn
Jane Mader
Marko Maksimovic
Delarius Marshall
Joshua May
Ashley Meadows
Mitchell Messick
Teresa Mims
Brandon Mitchell
Melissa Mitchell
Ariel Mobley
Theresa Moran
Kerstin Motsch
Caroline Moyer
Demond Mullins
Ronald Mullis
Christine O’Brien
Christina Ogburn
Madelyn Ovdenk
Ekta Parab
Deidre Paris
Manuel Parrachavez
Cassidy Partain
Anisha Patel
Christina Pelletier
Ellie Pippas
Jeremiah Pitts
David Rathel
Alexis Riddle
Matthew Ropelewski
Lauren Rosenblatt
Danielle Royal
Sarah Russell
Sadie Santos
Koki Sato
Cynthia Scheuermann
Richard Sianoya
Brielle Sims
Andrea Skipor
Nicholas Spanolios
Stephanie Spear
William Stikes
Alexander Stodola
Hayley Tennyson
Dominique Thomas
Maryah Thompson
Hannah Turner
Corey Vernon
Susan Vogtner
Brian Waddy
Andrew Walsh
Lakedra White
Brianna Williams
Takesha Williams-Lynn
Audorian Willis
Kiana Willis
Kelly Wilson
Kimberley Woo
Kristin Youngquist
Jae Yu
Tammy Zitzelberger

Phi Beta Delta

Lori Benedict
Jacquelyn DeLauder
Marissa Grandberry
Darby High
Elizabeth Mason
Erica Mehl
Chelsey Rogers
Khristal Pace
Mary Petermann
Maryah Thompson
Emily Workman
Chase Worthey

Honoris Causa

Aliyah Anglin
Amelia Barton
Samantha Chase
Amber Colberg
Cailee Davis
Brandi Fine
Rachel Funk
Jessica Griggs
Katherine Holmes
Janell James
Comfort Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Emilee Leslie
Taylor Marks
Amy Melton
Anisha Patel
Dakota Reyes
Lauren Rosenblatt
Shaunquelle Sapp
Nicole Sikes
Charley Weaver
Julianna Wells


The following individuals are representatives of each division or discipline within a department and are recognized during department and college level ceremonies.

Honors College

Katherine Holmes – Interdisciplinary Studies
Julianna Wells – Scholarly Activities in Fine and Performing Arts
Cailee Davis – Scholarly Activities in Humanities
Amy Melton – Scholarly Activities in Professional Studies
Michael Rohly – Scholarly Activities in Science
Amelia Barton – Scholarly Activities in Social Science

College of the Arts

Julianna Wells – Studio Art
Kaitlyn Neill – Art History
Laszlo Olah – Art Education (undergraduate)
Howard Willis – Art Education (graduate)
Aliyah Anglin – Communication Student of the Year
Amy Melton and Jessica Griggs – Music Award
John Rogler – Presser Scholar
Allison Dansby – Theatre Arts
Indya Bussey – Theatre Arts Performance
Constance Tolbert – Theatre Arts Design & Technical
Zachary Glass – Theatre Arts Education

D. Abbott Turner College of Business

Jamie Zaic – Accounting
Maciej Kierkus – Finance
Jonathan Rodriguez – Management
Cheyenne Linander – General Business
Kayla Forsythe – Marketing
Brian White – Management Information Systems
Richard Navratil – Master of Business Administration
Chad Parker – Web MBA
Adrien Vakerics – Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
Marko Maksimovic – Applied Computer Science
Jacob Taylor – Games Programming Computer Science
Kevin Ferreira – Information Technology
Olivia Horace – Software Systems Computer Science
Sneha Gogineni – Applied Computer Science, M.S.
Justin Sewell – Computer Science Cybersecurity, M.S.

College of Education and Health Professions

Janae Carey – School Counseling
Brandi Dailey – Leadership Specialist
Kevin Smith – Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Joshua Riles – Early Childhood Education (undergraduate)
Lexus Houston – Middle Grades Education (undergraduate)
Marci Horne – English Education (undergraduate)
Alice Mendez – Spanish Education (undergraduate)
Amber Terrell – UTeach Mathematics Education (undergraduate)
Rebecca Moody – Secondary Science Education (graduate)
Lola Farley – Social Science Education (graduate)
Julee Fryer – Special Education (graduate)
Brooke Riley – Teacher Leadership (graduate)
Savannah Talley – Early Childhood Education (graduate)
Katelyn Pawlowski – Middle Grades Education (graduate)
Joshua Trowell – English Education (graduate)
Katelyn Clements – Secondary Mathematics (graduate)
Chloe Chambers – UTeach Science Education (undergraduate)
Jonathan Abbott – Social Science Education (undergraduate)
Shirin Felfeli – Special Education (undergraduate)
Cynthia Yocom – Curriculum & Instruction in Accomplished Teaching
Brandon Tutt – Health Science
Michael Ward – Health & Physical Education (undergraduate)
Lindsey Law Tees – Exercise Science (undergraduate)
April Jowers – Health & Physical Education (graduate)
Albert Carter Woolfolk – Exercise Science (graduate)
Julia Kimball – Outstanding Nursing BSN
Elizabeth Baker – Outstanding Nursing M.S.N.
Shelley Mickels – Outstanding Nursing R.N. – B.S.N.
Roberta Walters – Outstanding Nursing M.S.N. – F.S.P.

College of Letters and Sciences

Cailee Davis – English Literature
Jasmine Carter – English Professional Writing
Leah Vahjen – English Creative Writing
Armando Fernandez – Spanish Award
Hugrun Elvarsdottir – Outstanding Political Science
Brain Waddy – Master of Public Administration
Michael Bouorgeois – Mario Mion Political Science Honors Scholarship
Justin Briley – Philosophy
Michael Rohly – Cellular & Molecular Biology
Ambrionna Dallas – Biology Education
Rachel Pearson – George Stanton Biology
Joshua Rogers – Organismic Biology
William Woolfolk – Ecological & Evolutionary Biology
Zijie J. Lin – Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Major
Nicole Sikes – A.C.S. Organic Chemistry (undergraduate)
Sydney Brown – Excellence in Chemistry Research
Nicole Sikes – Outstanding Chemistry Major
Jacqueline McGurie – American Institute of Chemists (graduate)
John D. Gary – Outstanding Graduate Student
Jasen Neale – Geology
Shelby Brannen – Engineering
Brendon O’Keeffe – Astronomy
Nathan Rodeheaver – Physics
Sydney Barker – Environmental Science
Amber Terrell – Mathematics
Amelia Barton – Psychology