U Asked for IT!

In the fall 2009 UITS Student Technology Survey...

U asked for it...Wifi in the dorms...U got it! All dorms now have wireless Internet access!

U asked for it...more help in the Library...U got it! All Library Services are now front and center so you can get the help you need!

U asked for it...more software in the Library...U got it! The Library ETC lab now has MS Office 2007, Maple, and SPSS!

U asked for it...training on common software packages...U got it! Atomic Learning (on the CougarNet MyTech tab) provides step-by-step tutorials on 150+ software titles!

U asked for it...More mobile apps...U got it! Soon you'll be able to use your smart phone as an electronic ID card, navigate the campus map or locate a shuttle bus via GPS, look up your final grades, and more!

U asked for it...more paper and more iMacs in the CCT 124 24-hr lab...U got it! We've increased your paper allotment and added more iMacs!

U asked for it...information via text messaging...U got it! You can now opt-in to receive updates and reminders from Enrollment Services!