University Police Sting Nets Theft Arrest

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- A University Police undercover operation netted a theft arrest Thursday morning of a suspect who may end up being tied to dozens of cases.

Columbus State University Police had noticed an unusual pattern of thefts around campus in the past couple months, especially in regards to unattended computers and book bags in the main library, Chief Rus Drew said.

Officers set up a sting, leaving a laptop computer on a table, with officers in plain clothes nearby secretly watching to see what would happen.

About 11 a.m. Thursday, a man picked up the computer and tried to leave the library when police officers arrested him, Drew said.

Jamario A. Farley, 29, of 1824 Elgin Drive in Columbus was arrested at the scene. Since the arrest, he has been linked to a stolen credit card and several other cases, on campus and off. As of Friday morning, he’s been charged with felony theft, four counts of misdemeanor theft, obstruction and loitering, with at least 20 additional felony charges expected by day’s end, Drew said.

Search warrants executed at his apartment and his car have produced evidence that link him to other thefts. University Police are working with Columbus Police to see if any other cases can be cleared.

Anyone with additional information that may be related to this case is asked to call university police at 706-568-2022